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Deck up Your Home with a Wooden Screen


Posted by admin | Posted in Home & Garden, Indian Furniture, shopping | Posted on 18-01-2013

A traditional wooden carved screen India is well known for its looks, quality and durability. The screen is mostly used as a partition for separating two sections of a room. When you purchase a wooden panel screen, you are investing in an asset for a lifetime as this home decorative can last for generations. Those not willing to buy anything readymade can go for some custom-made wooden screens. Such type of a solid wooden screen is a very popular accessory.

A wooden screen would give a room a very stylish and luxurious look that hardly fails to attract the eyes of your guests. Another big scoring point of a wooden screen is that whenever it starts to get old and begins sporting some stains, you can get the piece painted as per your choice and make it look as good as new.

Rajasthan is the home to some of the best carpentry works in the world and a wooden room divider Jodhpur or the wooden folding screen is among the most popular. It’s manufactured from various types of wood and it’s could be used for adding some luxury to the room, changing clothes, dumping temporary mess etc.

For most people, putting their money in wooden screen could appear to be a challenging task, especially when they’re buying it for the first team. This is largely because of the price attached. However, the solid wooden screen, can be availed of various makes and quality and hence the price varies as well.

The traditional wood carved screens India is attracting a lot of attention these days and have been attracting international buyers. In both the domestic and the international market Indian handicrafts are attracting praise and the wooden room divider Jodhpur is one of the most popular.

The next time you want to divide your room, go for a wooden screen.

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