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Industrial Vintage Furniture


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Vintage furniture is almost like vintage wine. The older it is, the more valuable it becomes. Such furniture are manufactured from the reclaimed wooden planks and beams from old mills, barns, shipyards, workshops and similar places. Designers then make fantastic focal points of the new flaw marks on the wood that are gained because of its age. Such flaws give each furniture piece the character and personality. It also instills a sense of wonder of what every beam and plank was used for before. Has the wood been procured from a big country estate or was it part of some stately mansion of the royal? As you wonder, the possibilities become endless and amazing simultaneously.

The industrial vintage furniture is designed for withstanding the rigors of busy family homes. It’s durable and strong regardless of what your family and life throws at it. Such furniture would remain standing for several more decades and thereafter as well as the wood in this furniture was of superior quality. It was pure and not of hybrid nature that’s become more staple these days. Some minor maintenance and the wood would continue to be as good as new. Scour the internet for the various place from where you can buy industrial vintage furniture.

Reclaimed Wooden Furniture


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Recycled wood furniture India is very much ‘in’ these days with the items being manufactured from wood sourced from structures that are about to be demolished or sold off. Wood recycling is an amazing craft that’s used for making highly attractive items of furniture. While some people have doubts about the longevity of such furniture, they don’t have any idea that such furniture can withstand the rigors of time much better than any other wood.

Reclaimed wooden furniture doesn’t need to look commercial for coming up with designs. It has its own designs and styles. They are often more appealing than the fresh designs carved from freshly cut wood. Another significant point behind the popularity of such furniture is the history associated to it.

As already said, wood for such furniture comes from the about to be demolished structures. Many of such structure are over a century old. This fact often makes reclaimed wooden furniture more appealing with the vintage and classic quality. It adds up to the overall appeal of the furniture piece.

Last but not the least is the environmental benefit that can be got from such furniture. There’s no need to fell any fresh trees that’s often subject to government approval.

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Wooden Bar Counter


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Wooden Bar Counter

Those wanting to savour the finest champagnes or relish some marvelous desert wines would want an ambience that’s emanated from a wooden bar cabinet . It gives a complete sensory adventure while enjoying the drink. The beauty and functionality offered by a solid wooden bar chair and a wooden wine rack India in storing the best vintage wines.

Fine wood is inviting to the eye as their warm grains, tones and texture perfectly complements a drinking experience. A well crafted solid wooden bar chair forges amiability that’s very inviting. Besides the aesthetics, a wooden bar unit or wooden wine rack India can guard your collection of antique wines. Wood is usually the best to absorb vibrations.

A big reason for selecting a wooden bar cabinet is because the material is long lasting. This is particularly true for fine hardwoods that are often used for crafting a fine wine rack India.

On the other hand, there’s nothing like the solid wooden bar chair that looks beautiful and elegant. Wine connoisseurs love the beauty and elegance of polished woods.

The wooden bar chair can be made from several woods. Indian sheesham, mahogany and teak are some of the common wood for making bar chairs. Individual tastes vary regarding the choice of wood.

The wooden bar chairs come is several varieties. While there are the simple four legged ones, there are high chairs as well. There are even the backless chairs and the low-backed ones. The choice of arms could be narrow or wide and depends upon the bar owner’s preference. The chairs could also be padded or bare. The price of each solid wooden bar chair varies and the manufacturing process plays a big role in determining the price.

Wooden bar counters and wooden chairs come in varying prices that often vary as per the type of wood and craftsmanship.

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Deck up Your Home with a Wooden Screen


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A traditional wooden carved screen India is well known for its looks, quality and durability. The screen is mostly used as a partition for separating two sections of a room. When you purchase a wooden panel screen, you are investing in an asset for a lifetime as this home decorative can last for generations. Those not willing to buy anything readymade can go for some custom-made wooden screens. Such type of a solid wooden screen is a very popular accessory.

A wooden screen would give a room a very stylish and luxurious look that hardly fails to attract the eyes of your guests. Another big scoring point of a wooden screen is that whenever it starts to get old and begins sporting some stains, you can get the piece painted as per your choice and make it look as good as new.

Rajasthan is the home to some of the best carpentry works in the world and a wooden room divider Jodhpur or the wooden folding screen is among the most popular. It’s manufactured from various types of wood and it’s could be used for adding some luxury to the room, changing clothes, dumping temporary mess etc.

For most people, putting their money in wooden screen could appear to be a challenging task, especially when they’re buying it for the first team. This is largely because of the price attached. However, the solid wooden screen, can be availed of various makes and quality and hence the price varies as well.

The traditional wood carved screens India is attracting a lot of attention these days and have been attracting international buyers. In both the domestic and the international market Indian handicrafts are attracting praise and the wooden room divider Jodhpur is one of the most popular.

The next time you want to divide your room, go for a wooden screen.

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Wooden Office Chairs and Tables


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Wooden Office Chairs and Tables

A Traditional Office Chair Jodhpur are becoming increasingly popular in offices. Such a chair could be very good for your sitting needs as they have ergonomic features. Wooden chairs are also often known as bankers’ chairs and are a great option. While they suffer from limited adjustments, they are nevertheless considered to be very good for the back and spine.

If you’re looking for a wooden chair, make sure that it perfectly complements your sitting posture and the size of your body. The contour of the seat edge mustn’t be too hard. In case it is, you can use a sear cushion for making the chair comfortable.

Wooden furniture, including chairs, is always of superior quality. With minimal care, they can last for decades. You can select from a wide array of office chairs that are made from various types of wood. Of late, even recycled wood is much in demand because of their cost effectiveness.

A Wooden Office Desk is a must have in any office. Working people require good desks in an office as they have to sit down and work on them for hours at a stretch. It needs no mention that wooden tables, sporting superior designs, are the best. These office tables are handcrafted by expert craftsmen and have time tested and secure hardware like handles. Stained in various attractive finishes, they add an element of elegance to your room. In fact many solid wooden office desks don’t require staining and thus contribute to the environment by not using toxic colours.

Despite the classic aesthetics, wooden office tables never scrimp on functionality. Depending on the type and purpose of the table, each piece would be created with appropriate tabletops, drawers, sliding parts and locks.

Wooden chairs and tables are indispensable in an office. You can also get them custom-made for your office.

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Neat Book Storage Solutions


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Neat Book Storage Solutions

If you have a big collection of priceless books at your home, you’ll need a solid wooden bookcase for effectively storing them and retrieving them when necessary. Depending on the number of books you have, you can select the design of the wooden book rack. Several modern racks have adjustable shelf systems for helping arrange the books interestingly. These racks allow you to categorise your books and divide them as per your choice. In fact, these shelves can also double up as storage options for CDs, DVDs, folders etc. besides books.

You can go through various wooden book rack images to determine whether joining some separate units would be better for you. The internet has become a nice source of going through various options of book racks. Wooden racks that are finished in fine veneer are great looking and can add a touch of elegance to your living room. Always ensure that your wooden book rack is properly treated against termite infestation.

Many latest wooden book racks come attached with wheels so as to ensure portability and alter the position of the racks whenever required, sans any necessity to rearrange the books. Such racks are especially useful when there’s a child in the house. The rack can be shifted when the child is being shifted from one room to another. Besides, as these racks are multifunctional, a child’s playthings can also be stored in them. Books are known to play a special role in the mental development of a child and a good wooden book rack can preserve the books for years. You can keep the books away from the child’s access by going for a glass covered wooden book rack.

Mango Wood Book Shelf India are a merger of functionality and aesthetics. Besides offering storage for your books, they upholster your room décor.

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Add Character to Your Home with a Wooden Coffee Table


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Add Character to Your Home with a Wooden Coffee Table

A solid wooden coffee table undoubtedly adds character to your living room. It ushers in a classic elegant touch and transforms the ambiance of your entire room. Besides featuring a solid construction that lasts over generations, a wooden coffee table brings with it a beauty that mesmerizes anybody who owns it.

One can’t deny that wooden furniture fills the home with warmth and friendliness. The natural splendour of wood forges a beauty that’s unmatched by any other type of furniture and also provides a distinct character to the surroundings. Wooden furniture adds an enchanting allure that transforms the entire room by giving it a captivating beauty. This is often felt by anyone who enters a room decked up with wooden furniture.

Several types of wooden coffee tables are available in the market these days. They come in various shapes, style and wood materials. Coffee tables are even being made from solid reclaimed teak. Such wood accentuates the natural incongruities of the wooden surface and adds to its already rustic elegance and beauty. This is surely uplifts the atmosphere of the room. Other than reclaimed teak, sheesham, mahogany and mango wood is also used to make coffee tables.

Modern sheesham wood coffee table feature contemporary designs. They are often created to sync with the present furniture of the room. Many of these tables comprise a minimalist design i.e. they don’t feature intricate designs like scrolling vine carvings that were quite common in the classical tables. Modest and humble designs highlight the elegance of minimalist tables against its peers.

Besides, a wooden coffee table is functional as well. It can be converted to a repository for household items. These tables often have several storage shelves that hold magazines, newspapers, periodicals and TV remote. Yet others have drawers where you can keep important and valuable items.

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Something about European Wooden Stool


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Decades ago, European wooden stools were only associated with pubs and bars. They eventually made their way to the homes of rich and famous. Nowadays, European wooden stools can be spotted in almost every home. They are truly beautiful and functional pieces of furniture that various home owners posses.

Solid sheesham wooden stools can be of several styles and designs and constructed from a wide varieties of wood. Following are some of the popular finishes of wooden European stools.

Walnut finish—this type of a stool has a very elegant and great look. In most cases the stool is manufactured from European beech and mixed with a walnut finish. It has a ladder-type supporting back. The walnut finish can go with any type of room decoration. Several commercial establishments use this stool and many homeowners have started using it these days.

Mahogany finish—a European stool with this finish can give the entire area a truly elegant and modern look. Regardless of whether the style of your furniture is contemporary or vintage or rustic, the mahogany finished stool would match up to your home décor. This type of stool is also manufactured from European beech that gives an extra sturdiness and durability.

Natural Wood finish—the colour of this stool resembles what we understand by wood. It’s a light brown colour and often used in bars and restaurants. These stools are less suitable for home owners simply because lighter type of chairs and tables usually don’t match up to in a home environment.

Black finish—this is one of the commonest type of European stools that are used in the home and gives it a chick and classy look. As black is a neutral colour, it complements all the furniture around. Buying this stool with the correct accessory can really elevate your home to that of the nobles and lords.

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Protecting Your Furniture in the Rainy Season


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Wooden furniture is known to last for ages. They are often passed on through generations. But even though we may like to believe that Indian wooden furniture pieces are durable, they require special care particularly during the rainy season. In such a season, we generally witness hot and humid temperatures. Outdoor furniture pieces are more prone to damages from humidity.

Here’s what you can do to protect your furniture from the rains.

•Develop a habit of keeping your furniture in a waterproof cover when not using them. This hardly requires any effort. Just a few minutes in the day can protect the furniture from all the humid elements.

•Moist dirt is a perennial rival of wooden furniture. They tend to accumulate more during the rainy seasons thereby deteriorating the durability and longevity of the furniture. Clean your furniture at least twice every year and dry them thoroughly. You can use recommended cleansers that are usually applied with water.

•Always be careful about any rotting wood. These can ruin your whole furniture besides creating serious injuries while sitting on them. If you notice any rotting spots, you have to get the area immediately repaired.

•Rain water tends to saturate on the wood. You can prevent this by sanding the furniture or painting it whenever you need.

•There are special varnishes and oils that offer protective coating. This can be used for your furniture. Intricate wooden artworks are often prone to damages during the rainy season and that could be avoided by applying special solutions that are available in markets.

•If your furniture gets wet accidentally, dry it without any delay. You can blow-dry the furniture as the process ejects hot air directly targeting the furniture.

Wooden furniture is precious. Take good care of it so that it lasts a lifetime.

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Functional Wooden Furniture for Your Home


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Dining Table: Solid wooden dining tables always mean quality and durability. Such a table is usually passed on through generations. Dining tables are a necessary piece of furniture for your family. Here, you cherish the moments of eating with your family or guests and spending some quality time. The elegance and beauty of wooden dining tables has a bearing on the food your savor.

A Sheesham wood dining room table can come is various models. Custom-made designs are also available and are often suggested when one is at a loss about which dining table to buy. Notably, Indian furniture manufacturers make some of the best dining tables in the world.

Wooden Consoler: These are sleek, small decorative tables that mostly combine functionality with interior décor. Wooden consolers, made by furniture manufactures are in high demand because of the best structures and craftsmanship that can be seen on these tables.

The hallway or entryway to home is perhaps the most common place where consolers can be seen. They add interest and style to the area and also forge a very warm reception to the guests to your home. A consoler, when placed at the entryway, could be used as a place for keeping purses, car keys, letters etc.

Wooden Bench: There are several styles of wooden benches available and they are mostly used outdoors in areas like the garden, patio etc. They sport various appearances. While some may have the classic look or appear rustic, others may have traditional or contemporary designs. The style of a wooden bench depends upon the individual. It must complement the ambience of the home. The benches must be able to withstand the elements of nature because of their outdoor use. Sturdiness of a wooden bench is an important trait and it could last for years.

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