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Add Character to Your Home with a Wooden Coffee Table


Posted by admin | Posted in Home & Garden, Indian Furniture, shopping | Posted on 31-10-2012

Add Character to Your Home with a Wooden Coffee Table

A solid wooden coffee table undoubtedly adds character to your living room. It ushers in a classic elegant touch and transforms the ambiance of your entire room. Besides featuring a solid construction that lasts over generations, a wooden coffee table brings with it a beauty that mesmerizes anybody who owns it.

One can’t deny that wooden furniture fills the home with warmth and friendliness. The natural splendour of wood forges a beauty that’s unmatched by any other type of furniture and also provides a distinct character to the surroundings. Wooden furniture adds an enchanting allure that transforms the entire room by giving it a captivating beauty. This is often felt by anyone who enters a room decked up with wooden furniture.

Several types of wooden coffee tables are available in the market these days. They come in various shapes, style and wood materials. Coffee tables are even being made from solid reclaimed teak. Such wood accentuates the natural incongruities of the wooden surface and adds to its already rustic elegance and beauty. This is surely uplifts the atmosphere of the room. Other than reclaimed teak, sheesham, mahogany and mango wood is also used to make coffee tables.

Modern sheesham wood coffee table feature contemporary designs. They are often created to sync with the present furniture of the room. Many of these tables comprise a minimalist design i.e. they don’t feature intricate designs like scrolling vine carvings that were quite common in the classical tables. Modest and humble designs highlight the elegance of minimalist tables against its peers.

Besides, a wooden coffee table is functional as well. It can be converted to a repository for household items. These tables often have several storage shelves that hold magazines, newspapers, periodicals and TV remote. Yet others have drawers where you can keep important and valuable items.

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Something about European Wooden Stool


Posted by admin | Posted in Home & Garden, Indian Furniture, shopping | Posted on 12-10-2012

Decades ago, European wooden stools were only associated with pubs and bars. They eventually made their way to the homes of rich and famous. Nowadays, European wooden stools can be spotted in almost every home. They are truly beautiful and functional pieces of furniture that various home owners posses.

Solid sheesham wooden stools can be of several styles and designs and constructed from a wide varieties of wood. Following are some of the popular finishes of wooden European stools.

Walnut finish—this type of a stool has a very elegant and great look. In most cases the stool is manufactured from European beech and mixed with a walnut finish. It has a ladder-type supporting back. The walnut finish can go with any type of room decoration. Several commercial establishments use this stool and many homeowners have started using it these days.

Mahogany finish—a European stool with this finish can give the entire area a truly elegant and modern look. Regardless of whether the style of your furniture is contemporary or vintage or rustic, the mahogany finished stool would match up to your home décor. This type of stool is also manufactured from European beech that gives an extra sturdiness and durability.

Natural Wood finish—the colour of this stool resembles what we understand by wood. It’s a light brown colour and often used in bars and restaurants. These stools are less suitable for home owners simply because lighter type of chairs and tables usually don’t match up to in a home environment.

Black finish—this is one of the commonest type of European stools that are used in the home and gives it a chick and classy look. As black is a neutral colour, it complements all the furniture around. Buying this stool with the correct accessory can really elevate your home to that of the nobles and lords.

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Protecting Your Furniture in the Rainy Season


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Wooden furniture is known to last for ages. They are often passed on through generations. But even though we may like to believe that Indian wooden furniture pieces are durable, they require special care particularly during the rainy season. In such a season, we generally witness hot and humid temperatures. Outdoor furniture pieces are more prone to damages from humidity.

Here’s what you can do to protect your furniture from the rains.

•Develop a habit of keeping your furniture in a waterproof cover when not using them. This hardly requires any effort. Just a few minutes in the day can protect the furniture from all the humid elements.

•Moist dirt is a perennial rival of wooden furniture. They tend to accumulate more during the rainy seasons thereby deteriorating the durability and longevity of the furniture. Clean your furniture at least twice every year and dry them thoroughly. You can use recommended cleansers that are usually applied with water.

•Always be careful about any rotting wood. These can ruin your whole furniture besides creating serious injuries while sitting on them. If you notice any rotting spots, you have to get the area immediately repaired.

•Rain water tends to saturate on the wood. You can prevent this by sanding the furniture or painting it whenever you need.

•There are special varnishes and oils that offer protective coating. This can be used for your furniture. Intricate wooden artworks are often prone to damages during the rainy season and that could be avoided by applying special solutions that are available in markets.

•If your furniture gets wet accidentally, dry it without any delay. You can blow-dry the furniture as the process ejects hot air directly targeting the furniture.

Wooden furniture is precious. Take good care of it so that it lasts a lifetime.

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