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Functional Wooden Furniture for Your Home


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Dining Table: Solid wooden dining tables always mean quality and durability. Such a table is usually passed on through generations. Dining tables are a necessary piece of furniture for your family. Here, you cherish the moments of eating with your family or guests and spending some quality time. The elegance and beauty of wooden dining tables has a bearing on the food your savor.

A Sheesham wood dining room table can come is various models. Custom-made designs are also available and are often suggested when one is at a loss about which dining table to buy. Notably, Indian furniture manufacturers make some of the best dining tables in the world.

Wooden Consoler: These are sleek, small decorative tables that mostly combine functionality with interior décor. Wooden consolers, made by furniture manufactures are in high demand because of the best structures and craftsmanship that can be seen on these tables.

The hallway or entryway to home is perhaps the most common place where consolers can be seen. They add interest and style to the area and also forge a very warm reception to the guests to your home. A consoler, when placed at the entryway, could be used as a place for keeping purses, car keys, letters etc.

Wooden Bench: There are several styles of wooden benches available and they are mostly used outdoors in areas like the garden, patio etc. They sport various appearances. While some may have the classic look or appear rustic, others may have traditional or contemporary designs. The style of a wooden bench depends upon the individual. It must complement the ambience of the home. The benches must be able to withstand the elements of nature because of their outdoor use. Sturdiness of a wooden bench is an important trait and it could last for years.

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Wooden Chairs for Your Dining Room


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The dining room of your house is an area that says about your style of living. Dining sets often occupy the focal point of a dining room and though people have their choices, wooden dining sets are the most liked pieces of furniture.

Indian Wooden dining chairs are an important constituent of a dining set. Besides sitting, it can be used to lift big containers to the loft and various other purposes. Their tough exterior makes them less susceptible to damage and scratches and they are thus much in demand.

Along with the toughness quotient, wooden dining chairs are rich in appeal, style and elegance and provide the highest comfort and luxury. They are characterized by the curved legs and the trademark high back. Many have a comfortable armrest as well. The front legs of a wooden dining chair usually resemble a ball feet. Many people put padded seats on the chair and upholster them with multi-coloured floral or leafy prints. If your dining room has a rich tapestry, a wooden dining chair can be a delightful addition.

The wood of a dining chair may vary widely. Sandalwood, sheesham and other hardwood are often used to make them as well as soft and lightweight wood. The chairs sport a perfect finish when they are given a varnished coat. The curved and smooth edges add extra elegance to a complete dining set.

Many Indian furniture manufacturers prefer making wooden furniture like dining chairs from master craftsmen. They are often handmade using traditional tools. Yet other Indian furniture makers have taken technology into their stride and employ latest machines. However, the handcrafted sheesham dining chairs endorse more intricate work and designs and all the pieces are unique.

Wooden furniture manufactured in India, and that includes dining chairs as well, are an elegant addition to any home.

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Wooden Bedroom Accessories


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Indian Wooden cabinets , dressers and sideboards are useful components of a bedroom. Most people think that a bed is always the focal point of a bedroom. Such a mindset often diverts their attention from other functional items in the room like the ones mentioned above. These furniture items are important for storage and if selected properly, the user can add a unique style and décor to the room.

Selection of cabinets, dressers and sideboards isn’t quite similar to other furniture. Measuring the area that has to be filled up is the first and most important thing. It’s important to earmark some space so that a dresser cabinet can be easily opened. This can be achieved by measuring the probable depth of the cabinet and then appending some extra space to it.

If a dresser is only used for hanging shirts, then it’s important that drawers inside it be of a similar size. Standalone cabinets and sideboards could be used for the storage of valuable items like jewellery or regular items like spectacles, wallets, socks, handkerchiefs etc. In such a case, it’s advantageous that the sideboards have a range of drawers.

These functional wooden accessories have the versatility that could be used as focal point in a room and even as complementary pieces. The desired style of a cabinet, dresser or sideboard can be described by the craftsmanship i.e. classical, modern, antique etc.

Indian furniture, especially wooden furniture has an exhaustive range of solid sheesham sideboards cabinets and dressers. While other materials like iron, hybrid etc. are being used in the manufacture of these accessories, wood still remains the most popular choice. Indian furniture is renowned for their durability and once bought, every wooden furniture piece lasts for centuries.

So resolve all your storage problems by picking up the most suitable item from the repertoire of Indian wooden furniture.

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The Perfect Wooden Dining Set


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Quality wooden dining room furniture could enhance the moments you share with your guests and friends or bonding time with your family while having a meal.

If lending some natural warmth to the dining area is your priority, then there’s nothing better than a quality wooden dining set. Indian Wooden dining sets can be treated by a weather-resistant sealant, they can be painted or stained and allowed to naturally age. A five-piece dining set made from sheesham or other solid wood, and sporting s cherry brown finish, would attract all eyes. The sat-blacked chairs with unique criss-cross motifs, straight out of the fairytale books, could be a fantastic purchase.

Solid Sheesham wood dining sets are beautiful and durable. They are worth their investment and lasts for generations. Cherry wooden sets, known for their straight grain and strength, are nice options for dining chairs and tables. Mahogany chairs, sporting carved legs, are just perfect for indoor dining. Teak is another highly favoured wood. Though not much made these days by Indian furniture manufactures because of stringent conservation laws, they undeniably enhance the look of your dining room. Sheesham is also suited for dining sets and beautifully embellish a modern dining room. They often have a unique contemporary style.

For an ultra-modern home that has a minimalist look. The classic and clean wooden dining set is the best. Handcrafted from solid hardwood, such a set would be wonderfully pleasing if they can blend perfectly with the thematic, architectural and interior design of your home. Even a small dining area can be given a total makeover, simply by adding a wooden dining set to it. A chic wooden dining table with a set of cushioned chairs in a hardwood frame will be the right upholstery.

Determine the space of your dining area and go for wooden furniture sets. They are one of the most functional pieces of furniture in your home and the choices are endless.

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