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Common Wooden Chest of Drawers


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Indian Wooden chest of drawers is a functional addition for easy storage of files and documents. If you’re tired of the ordinary and the very conventional metal filing cabinets but want to add warmth to your home or office, you can consider a wooden chest of drawers. These are utility pieces of furniture manufactured mostly by Indian furniture manufacturers and are available all across the globe, courtesy the internet.

Following are some common wooden chest of drawers.

Four-Draw filing cabinets

These are vertical and tall cabinets that have four drawers for storing documents and files. These wooden furniture pieces are sturdy, tall and apt for storing all your papers. Each drawer has a metal or brass handle that allows easy accessibility to the content. The top two drawers, ideally, should have individual locking mechanisms for private content.

D2 lateral filing cabinets

These are shorter but wider cabinets than the previous ones. They have two drawers where the top is small in height. Each drawer, again, has a metal or brass handle annealing easy access to contents. A reason why the cabinet is shorter is that it allows the top to be used as a small table where things could be placed on it.

Lateral filing cabinets

Wooden furniture manufacturers often make these types of cabinets. The only difference is that the two drawers have the same size. The top one comes equipped with a locking mechanism and has a unique key for storing private files, documents and other contents. A metal or brass drawer adorns each cabinet, enabling hassle free access to the contents inside.

These were come of the Chest Drawer Manufacturers & Suppliers
by Indian furniture manufacturers. Most Indian furniture manufacturers also make customized chests catering to individual client tastes. Made from superior quality wood, they are durable and often last over generations.

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Better Wardrobes for Better Homes


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Indian Wooden wardrobes beautify a living room by providing storage space along with looks. There are several types of wooden almirah like double door closets, wardrobe closets, double wardrobe closets and the bedroom wardrobes for suiting all budgets, tastes and requirement. In fact, Indian furniture is replete with wardrobes that have myriad features.

A quality wooden wardrobe that’s beautifully carved can provide a vintage and traditional look to a home. These wardrobes can come with multiple shelves and drawers for storing a number of items at a go. The wardrobes are coated with a quality polish that is appreciated all over the world for their craftsmanship.

Double wardrobe closets, on the other hand, cater to both the commercial and residential sector. They have adjustable shelves, enough space for hanging clothes, a half locker and a discrete locker to keep valuables. Such wardrobes are often coated with waterproof paint.

Two piece wardrobes, comprised in Indian furniture, are also made from high quality wood. They are also coated with high quality polish. These wardrobes are also often available with locking facility and sliding doors.

Other wardrobes including bedroom cabinets, antique wardrobes and others are beautifully designed for specific client requirements. They are mostly designed with high quality graded wood with help from advanced technology. A reputed wooden furniture manufacturer would make wardrobes from the best quality wood that would sport an elegant and beautiful look.

Smooth finishing and good polishing are some of the key features of wardrobes made in India. They are functionality is unquestionable and they have beep hailed for their quality and durability. Made from quality woods with advanced technology, wardrobes made from wood are nicely painted for protecting them from any exterior damage, including bugs and termites.

So whenever you decide to append some storage space to your bedroom, select from a range of Indian wooden almirah Jodhpur.

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The Style and Elegance of a Wooden Bed


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Wooden beds, a major component of Indian wooden furniture, are usually identified by their comfort and look. They’re often the embodiment of elegance and add charm to your bedroom. A Sheesham wooden bed , in fact, depicts the real handwork of the past and has often been considered as a symbol of toughness and sophistication.

The updated and modern style of wooden beds is very chic. Everybody prefers the wooden colour as well as the lightness and toughness that are associated with Indian wooden furniture. The wooden beds are no different. Modern designing, luckily, offers an exhaustive range of shapes and sizes that can complement any look of your bedroom.

Both hardwood and softwood are used to make Indian wooden beds . They are shaped as per the demands of the customers and mostly range from bunk type beds, storage beds, no frills bed, sofa-cum-bed etc. While in the past, craftwork on the bed was a necessity, these days the stress is more on the simple yet elegant look.

Indian furniture has beds that are both light and spacious. The size and shape of a bed is mostly determined by the size of the room. For instance, a bunk-style bed can be ideal for a hostel dormitory. In a small room, on the other hand, a bed comprising storage space beneath it would be the most functional. These beds can make your room look tidy.

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The best part of wooden beds is that they are tough, last for ages and can bear any weight. Of late, customers are more interested to buy lighter furniture that combine aesthetics with functionality.

One can rely on the wooden beds from the stable of Indian furniture. The country has a long tradition of making quality beds ranging from the king-sized ones to the smaller ones. They are a must-have in your bedroom.

Wooden Trunks for Storage Solutions


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Storage space is a perennial problem for almost all families. We often struggle to accommodate our possessions and personal belongings. Finally we end up cramming our things in the already overloaded wardrobes and cabinets that have no further space to accommodate new items. Even if we can manage to clear the unwanted goods, it’s only a matter of time before our storage spaces are back to their capacities.

So how do we tackle the clutter? Maximizing the efficiency of the existing storage space is one of the best ways. Here, making good use of Indian wooden trunk boxes and storage chests can largely resolve the problem. Available in various sizes, these boxes are a real wonder with regard to storage space and suits all budgets and tastes.

Low cost wooden trunk boxes are perfect for an under-bed storage solution in your master bedroom. Those who have a little more cash to spend can go for the sturdier storage boxes that cede the much needed storage and at the same time fitting aesthetically besides other furniture. These pieces, an inseparable part of the repertoire of Indian furniture, come especially handy in modern homes where space is a premium.

And while the storage boxes are often found in adult bedrooms and hallways, they could be a wonderful way for limiting the time taken to tidy up the toys and other knick-knacks from the lounge after your children have taken to bed. Sturdy Indian wooden storage boxes manufactures can also double up as extra seating spaces. Just invest in thick and comfortable cushions for your guests.

Manufactured with the intention of storage, wooden trunks offer a natural and augmented space over and above the similarly sized Indian furniture like the chest of drawers. Investing in a wooden trunk makes sense because of the durability attached to wood. They last for several generations.

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Perfect Wooden Beds for Rest


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Stressful work, the daily grind and tiring days in the office calls for a relaxing reward. Not all can afford to have a spa session everyday and a great alternative, as suggested by leading physicians is a hard Indian wooden bed that’s free from limitations and restrictions. And what better way to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep on the softest, widest and the incredibly soothing wooden beds.

Any room in the house must have its own centre piece which is the focal point for all furniture items in that room. For bedrooms, a wooden bed is the ideal focal point. The wooden material forges a warm, natural and homely aura. This is important for naturally inducing sleep and providing a relaxing feel inside the bedroom. Besides manifesting good aura, an Sheesham wooden bed makes designing the rest of the interior easier as Indian wood blends perfectly with wooden dressers, cabinets, chairs and even coffee tables in your bedroom.

Beds from India are manufactured in large numbers and sold all over the world. A growing trend of wooden bed enthusiasts, however, is patronizing the handmade and traditional bed. The handmade wooden beds are crafted painstakingly and often become more of an art than just a piece of furniture. Most Indian beds, in fact, are made by the hand and built from a scratch. The wood is cut meticulously by expert craftsmen. In most cases the craftsmanship is passed on through generations. As the beds are assembled piece by piece, on completion, it assumes a masterpiece.

Handcrafted Indian wooden beds are usually of higher value when compared to the old ones that are manufactured en masse and sold commercially. Traditional wooden beds from India have found place in various home improvement magazines. That’s nothing unusual considering the fact that India is a leading bed manufacturer of the world.

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