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Indian Dining Room Furniture


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The ambience of the humble dining room is as much important as the food itself when it comes to savoring your dining experience. Thus, it is a must that you select the best furniture for the Indian dining room furniture.

Indian furniture comprises some of the best pieces of solid dining room furniture. Besides the all important sheesham dining table , it has cabinets, sideboards and dressers, chairs, dining sets and consoles and benches.

The dining table is the most important piece of furniture in the dining room. Indian furniture collections have an exhaustive range of dining room furniture. For instance, you can go for an expandable table if you have a small family. A glass table, on the other hand, fits into a small room and forges the illusion of spaciousness. Again, a big family with several kids, require a table that can be cleaned easily. A round and wooden table is encouraged in this case as that would be safe for children. Whatever be your choice, wooden furniture is the best for your dining room.

Indian dining Chairs are another important accessory of your dining room and there are many styles to choose from Indian wooden furniture. Make sure that the chairs you select perfectly complement your dining table and the overall décor as well as the color of your dining room and .

Other dining room upholstery like Indian wooden sideboards , dressers could be useful and functional additions. You can also mount small chests on the wall or place them at a convenient place. The chests can be used as a storage facility for keeping precious cutlery and other dining accessories. On the cabinet you can place your microwave oven, toaster, mixer or any other useful stuff.

Take your pick form the wonderful range of dining room furniture that comes from India. The country produces some of the best wooden furniture of the world that would last a lifetime.

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Indian Bedroom Furniture


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The entire repertoire of Indian furniture contains several items that you can have in your bedroom. In fact, India is often considered to be one of the best countries to manufacture bedroom furniture. Whether you’re buying a bed, wardrobe or a simple bedside table, there’s a wide variety of choices available.

To begin with, an Indian bed is one of the best such things that can adorn your bedroom. The beds are often handcrafted and made from superior quality wood. Solid bed from Jodhpur has earned admiration from all across the world. Solid bed from Jodhpur can even be found in the homes of rich and famous.

You can also furnish your home with an Indian sheesham bed . Sheesham is a popular wood used in the making of Indian furniture. When properly maintained, an Indian bed can remain in top-notch condition for decades. Many interested visitors search for a traditional bed while upholstering their bedroom. Besides, a traditional bed also forges a vintage feel to your home.

While a bed is the most important piece of furniture that you require in a bedroom, some accessorial furniture is also required there. These include bedside tables, boxes, chest of drawers, wardrobe and mirrors. Each of these accessories has a purpose in your bedroom. While bedside tables can be used to keep a table lamp or books and others things, a chest of drawers can also be used for storage purposes of small items. A mirror in a bedroom is used for dressing and also makes the room look larger. In a wardrobe, on the other hand, you can neatly store your precious dresses.

Use wooden furniture in your bedroom. Wooden furniture is functional and more durable than any other material. There is furniture suitable for all budgets and you don’t always need to go for some expensive pieces that are beyond your means.

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How to Choose a Bedroom Mirror


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A bedroom mirror is an important component of Indian furniture as elsewhere. Besides being functional, the mirror forges an illusion of a bigger room. When placed correctly, a bedroom mirror can cleverly detail unnoticed features of the room. Hence, choosing a bedroom mirror requires careful consideration.

First, determine the purpose of the bedroom mirror. Such mirrors are mostly used for checking one’s appearance. Thus, a full-length mirror is appropriate. The placement of the mirror would affect the material used for making the mirror’s frame. For instance, non-wooden frames won’t be able to hold a heavy mirror on the wall.

Second, consider the orientation and shape of the mirror. You have to decide whether the mirror would be rectangular, hexagonal, oval or round in shape. Horizontal or vertical orientations can also be considered. Indian furniture is replete with exhaustive choices of bedroom mirrors. A wall mirror just above a wall table may fit to a horizontal orientation. A indian bedroom mirror , on the other hand, is suited for vertical orientation.

Third, think of the correct size. Large mirrors can open up small rooms, while a series of round and small mirrors can forge an attractive design for your bedroom. Practical mirrors, like the ones in the bathroom, must be large enough to view till the upper torso.

Finally, decide on the framing material. This is perhaps the most important while choosing a bedroom wall mirror. Wood is the undeniable when it comes to bedroom wall mirror frames. There are several varieties of wooden frames like shabby chick frames or the driftwood frames.

At Indian furniture Outlet, a leader in wooden furniture , you’ll be able to get the bedroom wall mirrors and other mirrors that perfectly suit your taste. Wooden furniture is the best for all bedroom décor purposes. Whether opulent or minimalist, you can get a wide range of mirrors from the repertoire of Indian furniture.

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