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Online Indian Furniture Shopping


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Online Indian Furniture Shopping

Though not a popular concept even a few years back, online Indian furniture stores have really revolutionized the way of shopping of Indian furniture . Many buyers, especially those from the overseas, rely on the online method of shopping of furniture.

The main reason behind the popularity of this trend is that Indian furniture stores aren’t merely confined to a limited area of operation as it used to be in the earlier times. With the advent of the internet, even a small store, located at some nondescript corner of the country, can vend its products to anywhere in the world.

Furniture made in India is respected all over the world. It’s known for the intricate craftsmanship and thorough design. Furniture from India is revered all over the world for their quality and durability and is increasingly finding favor because of the advent of the internet.

It doesn’t matter where you stay. You just have to log on to the internet and find out the best Indian furniture stores that serves your purpose.

Contemporary Indian furniture is replete with items that add both functionality and grandeur to your home. Whether it’s wooden furniture or Indian ethnic furniture , there’s a vast range that you can find at almost all Indian furniture outlets that have an online presence. The stores are reliable and you can be assured to get the best quality products.

Not only Indian ethnic furniture or the usual wooden furniture, cheap Indian furniture is also available online. Made from wood that is economically priced, cheap Indian furniture has found wide admiration across the world, courtesy the online stores.

When you order furniture online, you can do that from the comforts of your home and don’t need to travel all the way to India to buy the products. They are shipped right to your home from the workshops.

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Traditional Indian furniture


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Traditional Indian furniture

History has witnessed India being appreciated and recognised all over the world for its vibrant and rich tradition and the unique wooden crafts. Carved Indian wooden furniture that’s usually manufactured from solid hardwood and sporting attractive colour variations and grains, has been acknowledged as a perfect choice for furnishing homes and offices.

Some popular Traditional Indian furniture includes beds, dining tables, sideboards, storage cabinets, tables, chairs, benches etc. The furniture come in a variety of finishes like distressed colour, stain, natural and painted.

Most Indian wooden furniture is made from sheesham, also known as Indian rosewood that has a compact and rich texture. Traditional Indian furniture is served all across the globe and includes a versatile range like Indian ethnic furniture , office furniture, garden furniture and custom-made sheesham furniture .

Acceptance of Indian furniture

As already said, Indian ethnic furniture is usually made from sheesham which is a hardwood with properties similar to mahogany and walnut. Teak rosewood is another wood that’s used for making Indian furniture. All woods used for manufacturing Indian furniture are treated chemically as per international standards. Because of stability, strength and durability, Indian furniture, especially sheesham furniture has won global acclaim.

Buying Indian furniture

An extensive search over the internet could be of real help in identifying the perfect Indian furniture. Online stores deal in quality furniture and the manufacturers sell their products at a competitive rate. Not only traditional furniture, India is also the home to some of the best traditional wooden handicrafts in the world. Indian craftsmen have passed on their knowledge about wood carvings down generations. Indian wooden handicrafts can also be had of online stores.

The popularity of Indian traditional furniture is increasing with every passing day. It’s finding more favour in the UK and Europe. No wonder, Indian furniture is a first preference for home furnishings today.

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Sheesham Wooden Furniture


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Though of late there have been several alternatives to wooden furniture like metal, plastic and hybrid, none has been able to match the elegance and durability that wood offers.

Of the best wooden furniture, sheesham furniture is perhaps one of the most elegant looking and graceful.

Sheesham wood furniture is handmade and manufactured from Indian rosewood. This variety of wood comes from the forests that are carefully maintained as a source for renewable resource. Sheesham furniture is becoming increasingly popular because of its polish and the excellent quality finish that’s achieved following the manufacturing of the furniture piece.

Sheesham wood sports a golden honey colour and its grain has darker streaks. The latter gives the wood its strikingly attractive and individualistic appearance. Like most other woods, sheesham timer also contains knots. This, in fact, adds to the wood’s character and each furniture item produced from this durable quality hardwood has a uniqueness of its own.

A clear and natural hand-waxed finish on the grain of sheesham ensures that the wood retains its stability and forges a twin-tone appearance. This lends sheesham wood furniture its famous colouring and individuality.

Sheesham is considered to be a versatile and durable hardwood and therefore it’s more resilient to daily use and goes really well with both traditional and modern homes. This type of wood can hold locks and iron cork handles well. A big reason behind the popularity of sheesham furniture is its affordability. As a result many family homes all over the world buy sheesham furniture.

Sheesham wood furniture pieces include dining tables and chairs, bedside coffee tables, bookcases, telephone tables, sideboards, mirrors and wine racks. Furniture manufacturers are really fond of sheesham wood because of its natural colour, durability and density. Besides, sheesham furniture is known to last a lifetime and passes through several generations.

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Creating an Indian Décor in Your Restaurant


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Traditional Indian furniture is all about elegance and functionality. No wonder, furniture from India has found its way to every nook and corner of the world and are being used for interior decoration purposes at a variety of establishments. Whether it’s the palatial mansion of some lord in the UK or a humble house of a simple salaried person, Indian furniture has an exhaustive repertoire of pieces that can serve every possible need.

That brings us to Indian restaurant furniture. Decorating a restaurant with furniture from India can give a novel look to the interiors of the restaurant. More so, if you’re planning to open an Indian specialty restaurant that serves exotic oriental cuisine.

Indian décor is usually characterized by the vibrant coloured fabrics, the elaborately carved woodwork, the polished metal artwork, and of course the iconic statuary. Forging a rather cohesive than a chaotic design from the available elements often requires a focused approach.

To begin decorating your restaurant, you can start by selecting the textiles that you’ll use for your curtains, wall hangings and table linens. Select from the colours that are prominent in these textiles and use them for your wall colour. You can go the other way round as well.

Complement your décor with some traditional Indian music. You can use some more subdued accessories to offer an elegant dining experience.

Choose brightly coloured opulent fabrics and embroidery for the wall hangings and tablecloths. The napkins can be of the same colour or texture. Place embroidered or hand-crafted cushions on chairs.

Outfit your wait staff with traditional Indian garb. While the women can wear sarees, men can wear long white shirts called kurtas or sherwanis.

Put brass bowls on the tabletops. You can float a lotus flower in it which a symbol of spiritual prowess and purity.

Add architectural detailing to your restaurant with by framing the windows and doors with dark wood. You can select Traditional Indian furniture with ornate carvings for the purpose. Carved folding scenes and partitions would be great add-ons in your restaurant.

Indian furniture can really lend a vintage feel to your restaurant.

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