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Upholster Your Home with Traditional Indian Furniture


Posted by admin | Posted in Indian Furniture | Posted on 14-07-2011

If sophistication and sumptuousness, grace and opulence and sporting a heritage look for your home is on your agenda, then you must go for traditional Indian furniture. Awning beds, gorgeous accessories and luxurious surroundings, all combine to complement the rich and plentiful style of exquisite traditional Indian furniture. Even if you’re one of those looking for a perfect blend of style and simplicity, these pieces, in all likelihood, would suit your perfectly.

Should you intend to encase yourself with imperial elegance, some fine heritage and exquisiteness borne out of sophistication then these traditional pieces of beauty would appeal to you. Indian traditional furniture, usually, use baroque embellishment and convoluted carvings on dark woods to sport the look of unmatched glory. Indian traditional furniture is crafted from solid hardwood and comprises eye-catching grains as well as color variations. They are a wonderful preference for endowing your home.

There’s an exhaustive range of items to choose from traditional Indian furniture. These include dinning tables, book cases, almirah, sideboards crafted from Indian sheesham wood, jali furniture, carved wooden sofas, wardrobes, corner units, texture-painted traditional Indian artwork etc. Reclaimed wooden furniture from heritage Indian houses, especially the palaces of the landed gentry, are often available at competitive rates from resellers across big Indian cities. Such type of furniture is available in several kinds of finishes, including natural, stain and color. And should any history be attached to them, they are likely to command top prices in international auction houses, with bids often running into millions.

But that doesn’t mean that traditional Indian furniture is out of bounds of commoners. You can strike a fine deal at consignment stress, traditional furnishing sell-offs and local flea markets and salvage yards. Scour the items available and you could get hold of a fine piece of traditional Indian furniture at an unbelievable economy.

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